Privacy Policy

Personal information only becomes a prerequisite when needed to provide a service to you. Your personal information is collected with your knowledge and consent, by means that are fair and lawful. You will also be provided with justification as to why we're collecting your information and how it will be used. Information is retained until it is no longer required for us to provide you with your enquired service.

Stored data is protected within reliable and commercially accepted means to avert theft, loss, unauthorised access, disclosure, duplication, modification or use. Personal identification information is not distributed publicly or with third-parties, unless required by law.

Beware of websites that may be linked to us but are not under our control. We do not dictate the content and practices of these sites, and cannot be held liable or accept responsibility for their respective privacy policies.

You may choose to refuse our request for your personal information but understand that we may be unable to provide you with your desired services. Provided that you continue using our website, it will be regarded that you have accepted our practices around privacy and personal information.