Casino Bonus Guide and Overview

Perhaps what makes virtual casinos more enticing than their brick and mortar counterparts are the offers and promotions, from welcome bonuses to VIP offers. To ensure you don't pass out on these opportunities, you need to understand the various kinds of offers you are likely to find on gambling sites. Here's an overview of what you should expect.

Signup Bonuses

Converting new members to depositing members is probably the most difficult yet important task casino operators are faced with. To give themselves some leverage, they introduce welcome offers, and these usually don't require you to deposit any of your money. Free spins, free plays and free cash are some of the gifts you can expect to find in a signup package.

Welcome Offers casino bonus + guide

They are very similar to signup bonuses, in fact, they are sometimes used interchangeably. However, welcome bonuses don't just apply to recently signed members, but also members who have yet to make a deposit. Welcome bonuses also come in packages and they may also include free spins, free cash, free plays, match deposit and cashback bonuses.

No Deposit

Picking the most favourable online casino is no easy task, and making the decision to become a long-term member isn't easier, but the decision has to be made. Fortunately for all players who would like to test the water risk-free, no deposit promotions are available. With these promotions, you are given the chance to play a variety of games without having to deposit your own money. No deposit bonuses include free money or free cash, no deposit free spins and free play. They all have different wagering and withdrawal requirements, but the fundamental concept is pretty much the same.

Match Deposit

casino bonus + guide

Match deposit gifts will match your deposit by a predetermined percentage, up to a certain amount. Let's say you deposit $50 and the promotion states that it will match your deposit by 60%, then $30 will be credited back to your account. There's a catch though. If the offer stated that you will get 60% back, up to $20, that means the maximum amount that you can get back is $20.

Reload Bonuses

These are quite similar to welcome promotions, with the only exception being that they are given to existing players, usually as part of a loyalty program. Reload bonuses may at times be offered as an extension of the signup offer. Match deposits, cashback and free spins are common bonuses given as part of a reload promotion.

VIP Promotions

As the name suggests, these are highly exclusive gifts handed out to the most loyal and high stakes members. You can expect to get the typical bonuses like free spins, free plays and even match deposits, but they are much more favourable when they are offered as a VIP promotion. In addition, VIP members are also given other privileges like higher comp points and higher withdrawal limits.

The good thing about promotions offered by casino sites in Canada is that they are all-inclusive, so everyone in the food chain gets to be pampered.