The Best Roulette Variations at Online Casinos

As exciting as all casino games are, very few of them are as exciting as roulette, especially once the wheel is spinning; everyone simply holds their breath as they wait to see where the ball will land and hope for the best of luck in order to win their bets. Roulette players who truly love this game will devote a lot of time to it and will most likely have a favourite among the several roulette variations that are available in casinos.

When it comes to top roulette variations, most people who regularly visit casinos are used to seeing some of them but might not be aware of all the options that are available since software developers often introduce new ones specifically meant for online establishments. Here, we are going to take a look at some of the best roulette variations that you can play at online casinos right now!

European Roulette is the Top Choice of Roulette Variations

There is very little doubt that most people who like to play roulette prefer the European version to other options and the biggest reason for that is that the single zero design of this game gives it a low house edge of just 2.7%. Aside from having just one zero, everything else about European roulette is the same as its American counterpart, but your odds of winning are definitely better here than with other roulette variations whether you are making inside or outside bets.

American Roulette roulette variations

American Roulette includes a double zero that brings the house's edge up from 2.7% to 5.26% and that might not seem like much at first glance but it is, in fact, considerable. Of course, the design here is intentional and serves no purpose other than to provide the house with netter odds; but that does not mean that you should not play this top choice of roulette variations because it is still exciting and a lot of fun. In some physical casinos, you will find that this is the only available roulette option but, at online casinos, you should be able to choose from other top roulette variations.

French Roulette

roulette variations

As we mentioned above, the European roulette variation is a better option for players than the American one because of the house edge, but the French Roulette variation is even better for one major reason: the "la partage" rule. Players who choose to make "50/50" outside bets such as red/black often do not realize that those are not really 50/50 bets because of the house edge and they lose their money when the ball lands on zero or double zero. This does not happen in French roulette because of the la partage rule; when the ball lands on zero, a player who made a 50/50 outside bet gets half his or her money back!

Multi-Wheel Roulette Variations

One of the most exciting roulette variations out there includes more than one wheel, adding a whole new dimension that will astound players who are used to playing traditional roulette versions. All of the rules and even the payouts are the same with multi-wheel roulette but the possibilities of both winning and losing are changed drastically so you have to be careful with more than one ball spinning. Some roulette variations even include as many as eight wheels and that can be great when you win but not so great when you lose. Just remember to have fun while playing!